Legally lori

I dont know where to start this “highest” recomendation. We met Lesley Reiter when we were casually looking at homes and we were new to the process. Lesley was patient and never pressured us. It was over a year later (and after Lesley showed us a TON of houses) that we finally decided to put our current home on the market. Lesley helped us through every step of the process and went so far above and beyond her job. I was nervous about the process because we both work a lot of hours and had a baby at the time. Lesley took a lot of extra steps to accomodate us and to make things easier for us. Lesley truly understood what we were looking for in a home (sometimes even better than we did). We purchased the perfect house for our family which we would have overlooked if it was not for Lesley. She went so far above and beyond in WAY too many ways to even list. She was thorough, patient, knowledgable, dependable and honest. She cared about us both as buyers and sellers and she was always looking out for our best interests. She worked diligenty on our behalf and cared about us every step of the process (from the minute she showed us the first house to now, long after the closings). She is so knowledable about all aspects of real estate, home ownership and the local community that we continue to contact her regurarly with questions. I truly do not think that we would have sold our house and be as happy as we are now, if we did not have Lesley as our real estate agent. I can not begin to express how above and beyond Lesley went and how grateful I am that she was our real estate agent! She is the best!

— Legally lori